Del Dios Corridor neighbors and friends, population growth is a fact of life. And our communities, like others, created San Diego County General Plan for Rancho Santa Fe area to guide future developments to support growth in a way that makes sense for our community character. It is important to note here that our San Diego County General plan requires minimum of 2-acre lot sizes for any development in this area. Yet, this development is proposing 74 lots, of which 59 of them are under 1 acre. Many of these lots are in fact 1/2 of an acre and situated along the Del Dios hwy. This developer wants the County of San Diego to approve their 74 high-density cluster-home project that will add traffic on to the already unsafe and F-rated Del Dios hwy.

What sort of precedent would this development set if it were to build more around Del Dios Hwy without serious considerations on the impact this will have on members of the Crosby, Cielo, Hacienda Santa Fe, West Lake Hodges, Rancho Del Rio, Rancho Santa Fe and Summit at Rancho Santa Fe communities? It will not only add to the commute time, gridlock, and traffic congestion, but will place a further burden on failed highway during a fire or earthquake emergency evacuation.

Please join Save Del Dios Corridor in urging the County of San Diego to reject the housing development called “Del Dios Ranch” proposing 74 dwellings with a main entrance off Del Dios Highway and request a new proposal that offers mitigatable traffic burdens and a minimum of 2 acres lot sizes, as required currently under the San Diego County General Plan. Sign our petition TODAY!

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Dear Denise Russel, County of San Diego Planner,

I am deeply concerned about the current state and future of our quality of life and the preservation of our community character in Rancho Santa Fe. As a resident who lives along the Del Dios Highway, I cherish our country-in-the-city way of life and fear setting a dangerous development precedent throughout our community. San Diego County General Plan currently calls for a 2-acres minimum lot size. We urge you to not consider allowing Clustering or Density bonuses for this development, as that approach not only undermines the General Plan but also threatens our safety.

The ‘Del Dios Ranch’ developer proposes building 74 houses with a main exit and entrance off of the Del Dios Highway near El Camino del Norte, which would further burden the Del Dios Highway (an F-rated highway, as determined by the County of San Diego). Del Dios Highway is already under stress, and this new development would well make the current mess even worse, not to mention the additional hazards and traffic during a fire or earthquake emergency evacuation. We’re not only sensitive to the extra-long congestion during rush hours, but we are also concerned about the safety of surrounding communities impacted by this new connection. Given the number of connections (exits and entrances) onto the Del Dios Highway, we reasonably believe that the additional stress placed on this highway by this project might in fact tip the balance so as to make our highway almost useless.

Please reject the ‘Del Dios Ranch’ as it currently stands and request a traffic alternative that offers mitigatable traffic access other than Del Dios Highway. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Del Dios Ranch Proposal

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