Come Attend Our Meetings

Save Del Dios Corridor meets regularly to discuss the latest information on the “Del Dios Ranch” development and its proposed 70+ tract homes, which will severely impact the communities of Crosby, Cielo, Del Dios, Hacienda, West Lake Hodges, Rancho Del Rio, Rancho Santa Fe and the Summit. Our non-profit will also report out activities to fight this massive housing development and preserve our way of life around the Del Dios Highway corridor.

We encourage you to attend San Diego Planning Group meeting on : Thursday October 11th 2018 SDPG meeting starts at 7:00 pm at the RSF Village Fire Department Public Meeting Room-16936 El Fuego, Rancho Santa Fe,

* Save Del Dios Corridor will post their upcoming Group meetings calendar here at a later date.Please join us and bring your neighbors. This requires a strong grassroots community effort to defeat this well-funded developer. *


Back in January 2018, the San Dieguito Planning Group and other communities around the Del Dios corridor were invited to the “Del Dios Ranch” community presentations, including Crosby, Cielo, Del Dios, Hacienda, West Lake Hodges, Rancho Del Rio, Rancho Santa Fe and the Summit.

Residents and planning officials were told that the 91-unit housing project proposed for the intersections of Del Dios Highway and El Camino Del Norte would occupy the 160-acres owned by the Sahm Family Foundation. Many objected to this density with concerns, especially over the main entrance dumping traffic directly onto the Del Dios Highway. By February, the density was reduced to 74 homes – yet, with the main entrance still on Del Dios Highway.

In preliminary discussions, the developers have not presented Save Del Dios Corridor or the county planning group members with a justification for only considering Del Dios Highway for the main entrance. Worse still, there can be no significant traffic ‘calming measures’ by this development, as the County of San Diego currently ranks the Del Dios Highway’s level of service at an F.

Quite simply, the road is already overburdened, and the developers are simply using the highway because of its convenience. They will make this mess even messier. Please sign our petition today and tell the County of San Diego Planner, Denise Russell, that we do not want this project.