The Del Dios Corridor Needs Your Help

Welcome! We hope you can join our mission to resist the “Del Dios Ranch” development plan as it is currently proposed (with 70+ tract homes), which will severely impact the communities of Crosby, Cielo, Del Dios, Hacienda Santa Fe, West Lake Hodges, Rancho Del Rio, Rancho Santa Fe, and the Summit at Rancho Santa Fe. We need your help to fight this massive housing development and to preserve our way of life around the Del Dios Highway corridor.

The developer’s tentative tract housing map, below, will give you some idea of what we’re up against. Although the developers have 180 acres, much of that area is difficult to build on because of the steep slopes and natural preservation requirements. Thus, the developers are taking a path of least resistance in not only building on flat ground, but in trying to cram as many houses into that space as possible. Although the San Diego County General Plan sets 2-acres as the minimum here in Rancho Santa Fe, many lots designed by the developers run under that limit. In addition, we must consider: if this developer is allowed this exception to build on less than 2-acre lots, then what’s to stop other developers from pursuing similar strategies?

Beyond this, the developers are also taking the easier route by adding the entrance and exit directly onto the Del Dios Highway. Currently, Del Dios Highway is rated F by the San Diego County, and can no longer afford any further connections without causing extra traffic delays and serious hazard conditions for drivers.

Our grassroots effort, Save Del Dios Corridor, came together as a group of ordinary and concerned citizens who shared the same worries about the “Del Dios Ranch Development.” We’ve hired environmental experts to make sure this developer doesn’t get the upper hand and aggressively push this project through the County of San Diego’s approval process.

You can click here to donate online. $25, $50, $100, $250, $500. Any amount you can give will help ensure victory for our grassroot efforts and can be tax deductible under our non-profit. Please, sign our petition against this development to show the County of San Diego that real people do not want the “Del Dios Ranch.” In addition, we are planning to host regular meetings to update you about the latest on the development. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.


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